BASECAMP in Hanayama


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BASE (Management Simulation Game) CAMP in Hanayama

July 5-7, 2019 National Hanayama Youth Outdoor Learning Center

BASE Camp (Management Simulation Game) by Prof. Yoshiki Hamada of Thammasat University in Thailand was held at the workshop of EARTH on EDGE. BASE is a simulation game that students are team up in pairs to start a company, and five companies at one table competed each other to learn business management approach. 46 people, including students and working adults, participated in this training camp, and 25 companies participated. They competed the management skill.
On the first day, the rules explanation and orientation began immediately after arriving at 19:30, and we prepared for the business game until late at night. The next day, the game finally started. It started early in the morning, but every team was passionate about the fun of company management, and the second day finished. The 25 companies were competing till the final day. On the last day, every team worked excellently and all of them achieved the feat even there were many undergraduate students, and many participants were new to practical management simulations. Participants learned the difficulties and fun of running a company on a 3-day/2-night camp. Students were from different fields and grades that usually had few opportunities to interact with each other, so this training camp provided platform for meaningful exchange.
EARTH on EDGE will continue to regularly hold exercise-style management simulation games. The date of the next event has not been decided, but if you are interested, please contact us. (Contact: EDGE-NEXT Project Planning Office 022-795-5658)

  • company board used at BASE

  • business management play was serious

  • fully prepared for the fight on next day

  • students from different fields and grades showed smiles on the second day
  • announcement of results for the 1st period, and the fight continued to 4th period

  • 3-day/2-night camp completed. Thank you, everyone!