“EARTH on EDGE” is an abbreviation of “Entrepreneurial Action Renaissance in Tohoku and Hokkaido on Exploration and Development of Global Entrepreneurship for NEXT generation”.

Tohoku University leads this consortium with Hokkaido University, Otaru University of Commerce, Miyagi University, Kyoto University and Kobe University.

Based on sharing value of “Practice-Oriented Research and Education” in the 6 universities, we will advance practical education program with companies and related institutions.

We also introduce foreign advanced education programs such as Stanford Biodesign, Hult Prize and collaborate with foreign universities such as Olin College of Engineering.

In addition to the above, synergistic effect will be generated from collaboration between Tohoku, Hokkaido, Kyoto and Kobe University in cutting-edge basic and applied research.

Otaru University of Commerce and Miyagi University cultivate entrepreneurs who tackle social issues deeply rooted in communities.

Vision for next-generation “EARTH on EDGE”

We will accelerate this target by adding Kyoto and Kobe University which located in Pacific Belt Zone (advanced entrepreneurship education zone) to Tohoku and Hokkaido regions (“EARTH” mentioned above) as shown in the map below.