Miyagi University

Effort overview

Develop the Community Planner Training Projects and the Art Management Human Resource Development Program.

Based on PBL, we will promote community business entrepreneurship and the launch of regional development projects.

Miyagi University takes advantage of its characteristics as a small public university. We have developed practical curriculum which links to the local community, in the three departments: School of Nursing, School of Project Design, and School of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Studies. In addition, we implement a university- wide educational program in collaboration with local governments, both domestic and overseas universities, industry associations, companies, etc., based on the cooperation agreements with Miyagi University. We train future entrepreneurs who will lead the development of the region and achieve a sustainable society, by offering "fulfilling undergraduate education" and "interdisciplinary educational program".

Main programs

Community Entrepreneur Program

We will liaise with Tohoku local governments and NPOs in the earthquake reconstruction and development period, and launch regional development projects based on PBL, and learn about community business entrepreneurship.

By further expanding the Community Planner Program, which is jointly developed with other organizations, we will cultivate human resources who can contribute to business developments.

Team Project Research AD Program

In "Team Project Research," which is a compulsory course at the School of Project Design, we designate several project teams which meet the purpose of this project as the AD (advanced) program. The teams present their achievements and seek to develop the project for the real implementations. This allows us to provide an effective education that leads to nurturing community- based entrepreneurs.