Otaru University

We cooperate with two former Imperial Universities that are expected to play in the international stage, and construct an educational program to give students of both universities basic knowledge of the business.

Otaru University of Commerce has a vision of "interdisciplinary entrepreneurial talent" as the ideal entrepreneur image.

In the Edge-next program, based on the results of the education by the business school, we conduct cross-functional PBL seminars with students of science and engineering and students of design.

Main Programs

Business Basics I II

This program includes the business fundamentals (marketing, corporate strategy, accounting, finance) that are necessary in practical PBL classes that deal with actual social issues, such as OP2.

In addition, this program is designed in collaboration with Hokkaido University, and offered to students of Hokkaido University and Tohoku University (E-learning), with the expectation it will be spread to other universities of science and engineering.

Based on the vaunted lecture of the business school, this program is arranged for the undergraduate students of OUC and the external science students, and rebuilt to be able to provide it to outside.

OP2 Special Lecture

Practical PBL program for the second year students of the business school in collaboration with Hokkaido University.

Based on the "HP4. Practical PBL Program" by Hokkaido University, this program is arranged for OUC; deals with the social issues of the region where OUC are located.

As one of the subjects of seminar, all students are allowed to take this program.

In cooperation with Hokkaido University and University of Sapporo City, this program gives students the opportunity to communicate with people who have a diverse background, by forming a cross-functional team with students of science and engineering and students of design.