Kobe University


Kobe University is devoted to developing innovators who create and provide new value to society. The university offers an entrepreneurship education program called Creative School for undergraduate students in all disciplines.

This education program is designed with a focus on the value creating and delivery process: define a problem, ideate, generate value, synthesize business, and develop a network. The Creative School approach to teaching entrepreneurship is inspired by the idea of collective intelligence promoted through interdisciplinary collaboration and Owarai-that is, the Japanese comedic tradition of finding fun in failure. In this program, students will discover unique opportunities to explore new ideas and complex questions.

Creative School <Basic>

Through group discussion, the basic classes challenge students to learn three ways of thinking: logical thinking, systems thinking, and design thinking. Students will be inspired to employ three thinking skills and to tackle a problem that lacks a clear definition (ill-defined), a clear way forward (ill-structured), and a clear solution (ill-posed).

Creative School <Advanced>

The advanced classes provide project-based learning with a focus on real-world issues in industries and governments. Students propose an innovative solution at the end of the classes. Students will master basic knowledge of business financial management as well as the three ways of thinking: logical, systems, and design thinking.