A core value 6 universities in our consortium shares is “Practice-Oriented Research and Education”, which takes root especially in Tohoku and Hokkaido regions to vitalize local economy.

Tohoku University has generated over 50 startups under its Research First policy, and carried out advanced entrepreneurship education collaborated with Stanford Biodesign.

Hokkaido University has introduced distinctive Nordic countries’ problem solving methods as well as supporting students’ participation of worldwide business plan contest such as Hult Prize.

Otaru University of Commerce has an entrepreneur course which contributes to leadership in vitalizing local communities.

Miyagi University has been contributed to local communities based on its mission and goal of focusing on fostering human resources with the hospitality consciousness, an amenity sensitiveness, and a mix of highly specialized expertise and practical skills

In this program, we will enhance and advance human resource development platform by organic coordination and mutual complement with 6 universities.

Scheme of “EARTH on EDGE” program

We will try to realize world’s top-level entrepreneurship education by mutual collaboration within the consortium, and accelerate cultivating talents who act globally in various fields.