Entrepreneurship Development Program for 2019: Leading the Construction of a Resilient Society


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On Sept. 14-16, Oct. 12-14, and Nov. 2-4, we will hold the “Entrepreneurship Development Program to Lead the Construction of a Resilient Society.” This is a workshop to consider new businesses necessary for future reconstruction, disaster prevention, and mitigation, entitled “Reflecting on the reconstruction process and thinking about the future resilience of Kobe, Tohoku, and Hokkaido.”

Kobe: Sept. 14 (Sat)-16 (Mon.)
Tohoku: Oct. 12 (Sat.) – 14 (Mon.)
Hokkaido: Nov. 2nd (Sat)-4(Mon.)
* In principle, students will participate at each time.

Recruitment numbers: About 15 people

Fee: Free to Students.

General: 100,000yen each time
(Travel and accommodation expenses are at your own expense)

Application deadline: Aug.5, 2019, 12:00

Contact: EARTH on EDGE Consortium
022-795-5658 Tohoku University EDGE-NEXT Office